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12/11/2018 admin

2018 Tournaments Recap

WEKAF World Championships Maui 2018

Hybrid FMA’s small team of 4 brought home 7 medals from the last tournament for the year, the GSBA British Championships held in Northampton on 11th November 2018.

2018 has been a busy year for Hybrid FMA when it comes to competition sport eskrima. Here is a general overview of what has been accomplished this year.


British Championships, Nov 2018
Single padded stick and double stick armoured.
Fighters: 4
Total:7 medals
Golds: 1
Silvers: 4
Bronzes: 2

World Championships, Lisbon, Jul 2018
Traditional form (sayaw), open form, single and double stick, team event, single and open weapon padded stick.
Fighters: 1
Total: 7 medals
Golds: 3
Silvers: 2
Bronze: 2

British Championships, Bristol, Apr 2018
Single stick armoured and double padded stick events.
Fighters: 8
Total: 12 medals
Golds: 2
Silvers: 6
Bronzes: 4


British Championships, Luton, Oct 2018
Forms, single and double stick, team event.
Fighters: 6
Total: 17 medals
Golds: 6
Silvers: 8
Bronzes: 3

World Championships, Maui, Jul 2018
Forms, single and double stick, bangkaw, padded stick
Fighters: 2
Total: 7 medals
Golds: 3
Silvers: 4

Padded Stick British Championships, Luton, Mar 2018
Team form, single padded stick, long (bangkaw) padded stick and armoured team events
Fighters: 9
Total: 27 medals
Golds: 17
Silvers: 8
Bronzes: 2
Men’s Fighter of the Day
Best Team Forms Award

GRAND TOTAL: 77 medals
Golds: 32
Silvers: 32
Bronzes: 13

Team Hybrid FMA was on fire! Thank you to everyone. And we are all looking forward to 2019!!