GM Franchot "Panto" Cañete Flores

GM Momoy and GM PantoGrandmaster Franchot Cañete Flores or fondly called “Master Panto”, by his friends & students, was born on August 16,1974. His father is Benjamen Flores and his mother is Tranquilina Cañete. The marriage was not successful and the couple separated. Panto was still two years old when his mother, Tranquilina left him under the care of his grandfather. GM Filemon “momoy” Cañete reared him well like his own son, and he grew up to be fine young and disciplined gentleman.

When he was still young, he was inseparable with his grandfather. He always accompanied him, whenever Grandmaster Momoy had a practice or a demonstration of his style. He was like a personal aide of Momoy, he carried for him his demo daggers, garrote and bullwhip or “Latigo”.

When Panto was 9 years old, Grandmaster Momoy introduced him to his style of Eskrima San Miguel. It was then he started practicing the style. Whenever, Master Momoy had foreign students practicing with his grandfather, Panto would intently watch & sometimes, he would join in striking the garrote. In 1988, he took up boxing and practiced morning & afternoon, which was then, fad in their neighborhood. In the evening, he would practice with his grandfather Eskrima San Miguel. In 1989, it was the first time he demonstrated to a big crowd in a University Gymnasium, the style of Eskrima San Miguel. It was an honor for him that, he paired & sparred with the founder himself, Grandmaster Filemon Momoy Cañete.

He continued to practice Eskrima San Miguel until he fully understood all the essence of the style. When he started to practice this art, he asked his grandfather to teach him, the simplest and most applicable techniques. From there on, he learned more complicated moves from him which he kept to himself. Master momoy was so advanced and a master of his style that, it was hard to remember the sequences because of the spontaneity and mastery of his moves.

Every time that a foreign student would come to his grandfather to ask him to teach them, Master Momoy would call Panto, to teach them, as he was young & had a good memory of the techniques he taught him. Master Panto was the youngest practitioner then, given the Master level of Eskrima San Miguel by his grandfather.

On August 12, 1995, his grandfather passed away. After his burial, he missed him so much and the practice sessions that they had. It was there that, he started to teach in his neighborhood Eskrima San Miguel and started off with four young kids as students. They regularly practiced until such time, when older people got interested & joined in. The members and the practitioners grew and so, he decided to call his group, FILMOCAN ESKRIMA CLUB, in honor of the late Grandmaster & founder Filemon Momoy Cañete. Satisfied with the training of his students, he picked up those interested to train more, and they joined Eskrima tournaments & World Championships where, his entries became world champions or medalists in certain divisions. It inspired him to conduct more seminars in Cebu and in some Universities. Until now, he continues to teach & propagate the art of Eskrima San Miguel System of his late grandfather.