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24/07/2018 admin

GSBA World Championships 2018

GSBA World Championships 2018, Lisbon, July 2018

Diana Fauner represents Doce Pares London (Hybrid-FMA) at the World Championships held in Lisbon, Portugal on 18-22 July 2018.

The club’s only competitor to represent Doce Pares London (Hybrid-FMA) at the Lisbon tournament managed to rake in 3 world titles, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes.

Diana Fauner
Traditional form (sayaw) – Bronze
Open form (sayaw) – Silver
Live single stick – Gold
Live double stick – Gold
Live stick team event – Bronze
Padded single stick – Gold
Padded open weapon – Silver

Competitors from various countries attended the event. There were representatives from Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Northern Ireland.

Next GSBA World Championships: Rome! See you there!