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18/09/2018 Gemma Jacob

Queens Park Day 2018

Queens Park Festival 2018

The annual Queens Park festival brought local communities together.

Hybrid FMA represented the Filipino Martial Arts at the 2018 Queen’s Park Festival.

The annual Queen’s Park brought local communities together. Amongst the cheering of the sheep race and the wonderful smells from the various food stalls there was the sight of future warriors donning their armour and trying their hand at Filipino Martial Arts.

From the start the Hybrid FMA area was very popular, with lots of people stopping to talk to the team. Some of them remembered us from previous years but a lot of them knew nothing about it and were intrigued by the array of weapons that were on display. It did not take much to persuade them to have a go themselves.

Community Days like this are a wonderful way to have fun and to let people know how diverse their community and local area is. The Hybrid FMA team had a great time and hopefully encouraged a few more people to take up the eskrima sticks.

We plan on being there next year, if you’re in the area make sure to stop by and talk to us.