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Your personal growth and development is the most important thing when you join any martial arts club. It is ‘just a hobby’ to many, but martial arts could potentially save your life at the end of the day.

Different clubs cater to different individuals depending on what they want for themselves.

And if any of our timetable schedules don’t suit you, then contact us and let’s see what we can do for you!!

We offer the following methods of learning which may be done alongside each other or on their own:

Traditional Eskrima

If you would like to learn Eskrima in its entirety, we teach everything from the most basic drills to the advanced. These may include practical and effective techniques, and more flowery artistic moves. Traditional Eskrima includes the full aspect of it: sayaw/forms, single/double stick, single/double knife defense, espada y daga (long and short weapons), bangkaw (staff), latigo (bullwhip), etc.

This is taught by the book. We have curriculums, lesson plans and test guidelines in hand for those who would like to learn the Doce Pares Multi Style System Eskrima in an academic manner.

Our school’s lineage traces back to the founding fathers of Doce Pares. Lineage takes an important role in a school. Doce Pares has been extremely successful in passing on knowledge due to the efforts of our founding fathers. Without the dedicated time spent by the founders which includes testing and harnessing the techniques, the school will not exist as it is now. And Doce Pares is blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of not one eskrimador but of twelve (12) grandmasters who came together and worked hand in hand in the improvement and development of the art.

Sport Stickfighting

Many believe that sport eskrima isn’t anywhere near real life street fighting. In fact, sport eskrima is the closest thing you can get to actual street confrontation. Our club takes part in various formats of sport eskrima, particularly sport stickfighting. We do full armoured and limited armoured ones, all with different organisations and rules. In sports, your muscles tense up, your adrenalin pumps and your focus distorts. These are the best times to test how you would react in a hyped up situation like this.

Our school is lucky to have eight (8) time World Champion and International Champion Ermar Alexander. What’s better than having a teacher who is also a highly successful fighter.

Self Defense

You are trained to defend yourself in all of our classes. This is a natural product in learning martial arts. You will learn the different types of potential attacks which you may encounter, and various methods on how you can defend yourself depending on the situation. If you need to learn to defend yourself quickly, we also do specialised courses. This is better done on a one-to-one basis.

With self defense classes, you also learn to apply your class-learned techniques with daily articles as defensive weapons. So anything like house keys, pens, magazines, newspapers, drink bottles, etc. can be applied.

Health and Fitness

You only have ONE body. You will be having that one body throughout your lifetime, hence you will have to take care of it. Self defense is not only against street attackers, but also about taking care of your self. Having the proper nutrition and exercise will ensure that you’ll live long enough to enjoy your self. A healthy body also gives you a better chance to defend yourself against confrontations. Therefore we do not damage each other in classes. We do not advocate injury in training. What is the point of doing martial arts if you cannot defend yourself when you are confronted by an attacker because you are injured?

We also offer basic nutritional and fitness advice based on your targets such as weight loss or getting “fighting fit”.



  • I have been training in Martial art since 1971(Karate shotokai,Judo, Kickboxing at high level and Krav Maga) I started Escrima cause is a great combination to my Krav Maga and is something i wanted to do for a long time,,i can honestly say i never have been in a more welcoming club then this ego ,no bullies..teaching is second to none.Who says you need ego to be a world champion?

    Great family atmosphere.

    I am proud to belong to this club and i consider them an extension to my Family

    Dino Marulli
    [Added 26 May 2014]
  • I have been training at EA Doce Pares for just over 4 months now. I currently attend Eskrima classes several times per week and feel I have really benefited from the training offered at the club. I think what sets this club apart from others, is the high quality of all of the instructors. The teaching methods at EA Doce Pares are detailed and technical but they are friendly and patient with you too. I always look forward to class and intend to keep training there for the foreseeable future!

    Simon, London

    Simon Naylor
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 13 March 2014]
  • I have been with HYBRID FMA for 6 years and done martial arts for 34 years total. Master Alex, and Master Diana are the instructors I have ever met, and they are very nice people too.

    I’ve had the opportunity to learn stick, sword, knife, long poke, stick and knife, empty hand, locks, throws, breaks, and defence, counters, and offence techniques. Thank you Master Alex and Diana you’re the best.

    Ismael Fraser
    EA Doce Pares Egypt
    [Added 9 March 2014]
  • With an excellent gym, top class instructors and a friendly training atmosphere, EA Doce Pares/Hybrid FMA has helped me to develop my physical fitness and gain confidence from learning a unique and practical martial art, all while having a ton of fun! Would definitely recommend joining!

    Dree Velicaria
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 8 March 2014]
  • I have personally known Alex and Diana for many years now and can honestly say they are two of the nicest people I know. At the club we are like a big family, there are no big egos or internal politics. On top of this, you are taught by world champion Eskrimadors with a vast knowledge of Filipino martal arts, in a friendly and inclusive environment. If you wantt o keep fit, learn practical self defence and make new friends, look no further than Hybrid FMA, they’ve got you covered!

    Chris Yeboah
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 8 March 2014]
  • A fantastic club, warm, friendly and welcoming with fantastic tuition from Master Alex. If you want to get fit, stay sharp and learn the addictive art of Eskrima, I can’t recommend it enough.

    Max Obertelli
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 7 March 2014]
  • I have enjoyed training at the gym for nearly five years. During this time I have been met with a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere that has helped me grow as a martial artist as well as a person.

    Master Alex is a patient teacher who will let you ‘get on with it’ and guide you while you’re finding your own path rather than spend the lesson explaining and talking like some martial arts instructors do. He is very observant and will correct you on the tiniest of mistakes even if he is watching from the other end of the room.

    Logan Bannatyne
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 7 March 2014]
  • The gym has a friendly training atmosphere and great teachers. The martial art itself is fun, practical, applicable in reality and well worth learning.

    Luke Thorpe
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 6 March 2014]
  • Excellent group with a strong focus on alive training and serious competition.

    Ferdie Schaller
    Hybrid FMA Member
    [Added 6 March 2014]
  • Originally coming from Germany, I looked around for someone highly competent to help me advance in Doce Pares. After several sessions with Master Alex and Diana I didn’t only become better in my movements but more confident in this type of martial arts. Doce Pares teaches you a lot of things you can apply in your daily life and most of all you get a higher self-esteem in the process.

    The welcoming atmosphere and their very expert, yet easy-going way of teaching is awesome and helps you to pick up very fast. A lovely family, an awesome gym and a very nice and well structered program for everybody!

    Since then I periodically travel to the UK to enjoy their training.

    Dennis Quast
    EA Doce Pares (Germany)
  • Superb gym, brilliant teacher in Ermar Alexander and expertise that can change your life, JOIN!

    Evian Cafun
  • My wife and I have definitley gained a lot from EA Doce Pares. We enjoy the structure and the information and the ever helpful members made it so much better. The teaching environment is fun. Master Alex and Diana are an excellent trainers. We hope to keep ourselves in right through black belts and beyond.

    We wish them all the best.

    Abner and Grace Eisma
  • Well done mate for championing the FMA in UK, I pray that you will be more succesful not just here in this country but in the mainland Europe too!!! Mabuhay. GBU!

    Antonio Ramos
  • amazing event today, thank you very much to you guys.. Its fantastic what you are doing for the second generation filipinos showing them a part of the culture and history that must never be forgotten.

    I was particuarly impressed that you were able to demonstrate life skills… i.e. how to deal with a person with a knife.. I know that you are an excellent teacher. Maraming salamat for all. best wishes

    best wishes


    Malcolm Conlan
  • I have been training in martial arts for nearly 8 years, grading to 2nd Dan in traditional Ju Jitsu, and I have trained with many fine teachers – including seminars in Brazilian Ju Jitsu with Royce and Royler Gracie. I consider Ermar Alexander to be in the top bracket of the martial artists I have trained with.

    As a teacher he is patient but a stickler for detail, drilling good habits and ensuring that students understand the meaning behind everything they are taught. And he has proved the validity of what he teaches time and again in competition, fighting with speed, power and mobility. I consider it a privilege to be his student.

    David Tedora
  • hi ate diana and kuya alex..
    thanks sa help during last WEKAF 2008
    MAbuhay ang pinoy!

    ariel caparoso
    doce pares cebu
  • Good Day! You can view the last result of the WEKAF tournament 2008 in our website visit us:

    click the events button.

    More Power and God bless you all.


    Doce Pares Cebu
  • the photo you posted on the martial arts photography group is probably one of the best martial arts photos i have ever seen. in fact that whole set is excellent.

    i’ve taken over 100,000 martial arts photos myself and as well as all those i also look at what other people are doing. those are great. very creative and lighting is superb. its so different to simply migrating from lifestyle photography to martial arts and not bothering to appreciate the martial arts and get creative on it.

    Mike Holdsworth
    Martial Arts Photography group (Facebook)
  • Congratulations for the great job


    Lakan Guru Richard Clarke

    Clarke Richard
    Kali Silat Brasil

    Paolo Solana
    Mangdirigmang Kaliradman Cebu Chapter
  • …Alex & Diana, being true blooded Filipino Eskrimadores. All the best!.

    Manong "Joe" Eskrimador
    Uno-Blanco Traditional Eskrima System
  • Alex and Diana have my full support. They are very dedicated to the Filipino Martial Arts, without their dedication I doubt I would of had the opportunity to study FMA in London.

  • Dont stop doing what your doing!!! …your giving community something great and I hope that truly gets recognised.

    Rob (Obet) Singcuenco
  • Keep promoting the sport. If it was not for Alex I would not have a contact in the Birmingham area for my Anglo-Filipino son to take up the art.

    Kalbo Paul Morgan
    Filipino Association of Birmingham
  • I know Diana and Alex personally and they have been working hard to promote Arnis. They have been successful in the last years establishing a regular arnis training.

    John Brian Fuentes
    Philippine Student Association Hamburg, Germany
  • Alex has been a great coach, mentor and fighter…

    Clinton Chan
  • I am a current practitioner of shotokan karate, I studied judo for 4 years as a child and 2 years wing chun, 3 years kyokushinkai. Alex and Diana have shown a true dedication to the Filipino martial arts in both its practice and dissemination amongst the uninitiated.

    Nigel Bye
  • I’ve known Ermar and Diane as a devouted FMA practioners. I admit one of the successful Doce Pares instructors here in the UK. Both of them working very hard sharing and promoting these unique art espicially in the Filipino community. Also he is a talented martial artist with the best competitor in his category.

  • Alex is at the moment, as far as I know from participating in WEKAF tournaments and sparring with him, the best Eskrima fighter in the UK. Also, given the numerous classes, seminars and demonstrations they are holding and Alex’s vast number of titles, I find it difficult to doubt Alex and Diana’s commitment to Filipino martial arts, be it as fighters, teachers or demonstrators.

    Jean Krohn
  • … Diana and Alex are versatile athletes and bring enlightenment to the philosophy of Doce Pares in the Filipino method and thinking which all add colour to the art. After watching them perform in Shepherds last year they are delightful in giving their students the utmost attention and they both break the Doce Pares down to help any beginners follow the systems and forms easier. It is through their experience and confidence when I see them perform that surely the both are not just practitioners but they also extend their joy to teach and compete. At times as we all are humans and we may not compete for many reasons. Again, they both add enthusiasm and shed light as the way the art is performed by eye of Filipinos.

    Rudi Albesa
    Philippine Generations
  • … Alex is by far the most exciting fighter to watch and having experienced both his and Diana’s hard work and hospitalilty at Seni 2008, they’re good people too.

    Ranjeet Gill
  • I have been a student of Alex and Diana so I know how good they are and how much dedication they have to promote the Filipino Martial Arts.

    Sherwin Padlan
  • Alex is an inspiration to evrybody! He has done more, in my opinion, for the promotion of this great Filipino martial art than anyone else in this country!

    Adrian Williams
  • Alex is a good teacher, fighter and person. The support and advice he gave me during 2006 Worlds was priceless to me. You guys are doing a good job and have a great team.

    Roger Barnes
    Country Director of the WEKAF British Team, JKD Northampton
  • We appreciate Alex for the sacrifice he makes to teach us.we are all grateful and intend to keep on benefiting from Alex and the seniors who are very devoted students who have helped us achieve gold silver and bronze in only our second tournament in 4 months. tribute praise and respect for our teacher and master Alex.

    Ismael Fraser
  • …all you guys have been great to me and the guys, and accepted us into the family!..

    …what Alex has and is doing with Doce Pares in this country is phenomenal!!! We are going places and He is the main person who is helping to do so! We have all got to respect and appreciate him for that…

    Andrew Walker
    Member of the WEKAF British Team, DG Doce Pares (Sardara Singh's club)
  • to all our great fellow eskrimadores of dgdocepares…
    keep it up… uphold and be proud of our rich Filipino heritage…
    keep our flag up and flying… we’re proud of you
    and we are behind you!


    Talibung Antike
    "UNO-BLANCO" Traditional Filipino Eskrima System, La Paz Plaza, Iloilo City, Philippines 5000
  • Just a quick email to say that I checked out the class in Shepherd’s Bush last Saturday, and I was very impressed by the skill I saw there. Even though I couldn’t stay for the full class (prior engagement) I have seen enough to try my hand at it next weekend. Keep up the good work!


    GM Jorge V. Penafiel
    Cincinnati Balintawak - Putakti System