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Doce Pares

This system comes straight from the Doce Pares International Headquarters based in Cebu, Philippines. We specialise in single and double, long and short weapons. We also specialise in knife defense and empty hand combat.

We use the 5-year curriculum of Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Canete (ODL).

Eskrima, also known as Arnis or Kali, is an indigeneous Filipino Martial Art which utilises weapons such as sticks (single and double), knife/daggers, espada y daga (sword and dagger), bangkaw (staff/spear), mano-mano (empty hands: kicking and punching, locks and immobilization, takedown and grappling) – the Filipino way. It is a complete system by itself.

Doce Pares is an assemblage of various styles. Styles that were brought and introduced into the organisation by the founding masters in 1932. To the credit of the leaders of the organisation, these diverse and often contrasting styles and skills were all successfully integrated and passed on to the next generation of Doce Pares adherents.

All Doce Pares International schools can readily be identified through the seal and logo which bear the original sign of Doce Pares but more significant is their 5-year “multi-style” programme of instruction. Only through the Doce Pares International schools can one learn all the original styles of the founding Masters of Doce Pares.We use the 5-year curriculum of Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Canete (ODL).

SGM Dionisio Cañete
SGM Dionisio Cañete