Barry Littlejohn Instructor

2nd degree blackblet

Barry started training in 2015 and is one of our most seasoned fighters with 6 World and 5 European titles under his belt.

He has been practising martial arts for 47 years, and also holds black belts in Wu Shu Khun and Zhun Shu Khun.

Barry also judged for the Arnis event at the South East Asian (SEA) Games in 2018 held in the Philippines.


Sport Stickfighting Achievements

Golds – 24
Silvers – 8
Bronzes – 7

2020 GSBA British Championships
Bristol, UK, Mar 2020
Armoured Double Stick – Silver
Single Padded Stick – Bronze

2019 WEKAF European Championships
Bucharest, Romania, July 2019
Sayaw (Forms) – Bronze
Single Live Stick – Silver
Double Live Stick – Gold
Bangkaw Live Stick – Gold
Padded Single Stick Continuous – Gold

2019 WEKAF British Championships
Luton, April 2019
Padded Single stick (lightweight) – Gold
Padded Long stick (lightweight) – Gold

2019 GSBA British Championships
Bristol, UK (March)
Single stick – Bronze

2018 GSBA British Championships
Northampton, UK (November)
Single stick – Silver
Double padded stick – Bronze

2018 WEKAF British Championships
Luton, UK (September)
Sayaw (Forms) – Silver
Single stick – Gold
Double stick – Gold
Team event – Bronze

2018 WEKAF World Championships
Hawaii, USA (July)
Sayaw (Forms) – Gold
Single stick – Gold
Double stick – Gold
Long Stick – Gold

2018 WEKAF Padded Stick British Championships
Luton, UK (March)
Team Form – Gold
Padded Single Stick – Gold
Padded Long Stick – Gold
Armoured Team Event – Gold
Best Team Form Award

2017 WEKAF British Championships
UK (October)
Sayaw (Forms) – Silver
Single Stick – Gold
Double Stick – Gold

2017 WEKAF European Championships
London, UK (July)
Sayaw (Forms) – Gold
Single Stick – Silver
Double Stick – Gold
Padded Stick – Bronze

2017 WEKAF British Championships
Single Padded Stick – Gold
Long Padded Stick – Gold
Team Padded Stick – Gold

2016 GSBA British Championships
UK (November)
Single Stick – Silver
Double Stick – Bronze

2016 WEKAF World Championships
Cebu, Philippines (July)
Sayaw (Forms) – Gold
Padded stick – Gold
Single stick – Silver