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Marvin Vonlaufen Instructor

Chief Instructor – Switzerland

Marvin started his martial arts training with Wing Tsun at the EWTO at the age of 12. And eversince he has trained up to instructor level. After 14 years, he switched to the Filipino martial arts. In 2017 he found and joined Hybrid FMA. Since then he has been building the Hybrid FMA school in Lucerne with Larissa. As part of several training courses at the Swiss Academy of Fitness and Sports, he specializes in fitness and endurance training, as well as nutrition. Therefore, as a qualified fitness instructor, he knows how to optimally complement the martial artw and can create training and nutrition plans for different needs.

In 2018 he won two runner-up titles at the GSBA World Championships in Lisbon as a newcomer and has been a GSBA European Champion since 2019. He passes on his expertise to students and shows them how to keep up with the best.


Sport Stickfighting Achievements

Golds – 3
Silvers – 6
Bronzes – 3

2020 Virtual Form Championships
Germany (December)
Open Sayaw (Form) – Gold
Fun Form – Gold

2019 GSBA European Championships
Anagni, Italy (July)

Kastellaun GSBA Open Germany
Single Stick – 
Double Stick – Silver
Padded Stick – 
Semi-contact – 

2019 WEKAF European Championships
Bucharest, Romania (July)
Single Live Stick – Silver
Double Live Stick – Bronze
Padded Single Stick – Bronze
Padded Single Stick (First Hit) – Bronze
Knife (First Hit) – Silver
Bangkaw – Silver

2018 GSBA World Championships
Lisbon, Portugal (July)
Single Live Stick – Silver
Double Live Stick – Silver