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The club

This is all about you!

Your personal growth and development is the most important thing when you join any martial arts club. It is ‘just a hobby’ to many, but martial arts could potentially save your life at the end of the day.

Different clubs cater to different individuals depending on what they want for themselves. We offer the following methods of learning.

Traditional Eskrima

If you would like to learn Eskrima in its entirety, we teach everything from the most basic drills to the advanced. These may include practical and effective techniques, and more flowery artistic moves. Traditional Eskrima includes the full aspect of it: sayaw/forms, single/double stick, single/double knife defense, espada y daga (long and short weapons), bangkaw (staff), latigo (bullwhip), etc.

This is taught by the book. We have curriculums, lesson plans and test guidelines in hand for those who would like to learn the Doce Pares Multi Style System Eskrima in an academic manner.

Our school’s lineage traces back to the founding fathers of Doce Pares. Lineage takes an important role in a school. Doce Pares has been extremely successful in passing on knowledge due to the efforts of our founding fathers. Without the dedicated time spent by the founders which includes testing and harnessing the techniques, the school will not exist as it is now. And Doce Pares is blessed with the knowledge and wisdom of not one eskrimador but of twelve (12) grandmasters who came together and worked hand in hand in the improvement and development of the art.

Sport Stickfighting

Many believe that sport eskrima isn’t anywhere near real life street fighting. In fact, sport eskrima is the closest thing you can get to actual street confrontation. Our club takes part in various formats of sport eskrima, particularly sport stickfighting. We do full armoured and limited armoured ones, all with different organisations and rules. In sports, your muscles tense up, your adrenalin pumps and your focus distorts. These are the best times to test how you would react in a hyped up situation like this.

Our school is lucky to have eight (8) time World Champion and International Champion Ermar Alexander. What’s better than having a teacher who is also a highly successful fighter.

Self Defense

You are trained to defend yourself in all of our classes. This is a natural product in learning martial arts. You will learn the different types of potential attacks which you may encounter, and various methods on how you can defend yourself depending on the situation. If you need to learn to defend yourself quickly, we also do specialised courses. This is better done on a one-to-one basis.

With self defense classes, you also learn to apply your class-learned techniques with daily articles as defensive weapons. So anything like house keys, pens, magazines, newspapers, drink bottles, etc. can be applied.

Health and Fitness

You only have ONE body. You will be having that one body throughout your lifetime, hence you will have to take care of it. Self defense is not only against street attackers, but also about taking care of your self. Having the proper nutrition and exercise will ensure that you’ll live long enough to enjoy your self. A healthy body also gives you a better chance to defend yourself against confrontations. Therefore we do not damage each other in classes. We do not advocate injury in training. What is the point of doing martial arts if you cannot defend yourself when you are confronted by an attacker because you are injured?

We also offer basic nutritional and fitness advice based on your targets such as weight loss or getting “fighting fit”.