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In the Media

We have been featured in some publications in the UK and around the World…


Hello Philippines
UK Edition
Maiden Issue – Vol 1 No 1

Doce Pares takes part in the Thanksgiving Mass for the Philippine’s 112th Independence.

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One Philippines News Magazine
UK Edition
April 2010

One Philippines announces Arnis as National Martial Art and Sport of the Philippines, along with an endorsement for EA Doce Pares.

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The Freeman
Sunday, January 20, 2010

The Fair and Fearless Freeman, Cebu’s Newspaper since 1919

Australians, Britons graduate from Academy of Eskrima

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Sun Star Super Balita
Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Academy sa eskrima gisugdan kagahapon


Academy of Eskrima started yesterday

The Academy of Eskrima Batch 2 began yesterday. Only Four students qualified after a tight screening of candidates.

Academy of Eskrima President Supreme Grandmaster Atty. Dionisio Cañete declared that World Eskrima Kali Arnis champions Ermar Alexander, Diana Fauner, Cesario Perez Jr and Onairos Cortel qualified and made the cut.

The Academy of Eskrima Batch 2 will end on 21 January, after the basic and intermediate courses are finished.

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Blitz Sport Catalogue 2010
September 2009

Blitz Sport, one of the biggest martial art and fitness suppliers in the UK, launch their catalogue for 2010.

Download the full Blitz Sport catalogue in .pdf format (35.9mb)

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Redbridge Life
September 2009 Issue

Redbridge Council’s monthly newsletter

Download the Taste Asia story in .pdf format (930 kb)

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Doce Pares Eskrima in the Ilford Recorder
Ilford Recorder
30 July 2009

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Eskrima in the Financial Times Weekend newspaper
16 May 2009

Square Deal: Fame for an hour on London landmark

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Eskrima in The London Evening Standard
15 May 2009

Battle of Trafalgar sculptor Gormley casts an eye over living monuments
War heroes they are not: performers bid for fame on plinth

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Eskrima in The Times newspaper
16 May 2009

Fix your eye on me, Nelson: one day my plinth will come

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Eskrima in the Londonist website
16 May 2009

Tales Of A Potential Fourth Plinther

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Eskrima in Times Online website
16 May 2009

Thousands offer to be living statues on plinth in Trafalgar Square

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Eskrima in BBC website
15 May 2009

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Eskrima in This Is London (Evening Standard) website
15 May 2009

Battle of Trafalgar: Wannabes line up for Fourth Plinth fame

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Eskrima in The London Paper website
15 May 2009

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Doce Pares featured in Budo Magazin
21 January 2009

Ermar Alexander is featured in Hungary’s leading martial art online magazine, Budo Magazin.

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Poking the Tiger
26 September 2008


Escrima in issue of Men’s health Magazine

Ermar Alexander of GB is profiled in the next issue of Men’s Health magazine.
I’ve seen Ermar at the last several WEKAF World’s. Very energetic, fast paced fighter who does do this leap in fights.

Great to see some good FMA coverage and of a guy who handles himself with class and sets a good example at tournaments.

Great photography too.

Posted by steve-vh at 9:12 AM


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Men’s Health
October 2008 Issue

Flight Club

How the training methods of a world champion ‘stickfighter’ can help you.

Words by David Morton. Photos by Spiros Politis.

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Muscle & Fitness
September 2008 Issue
British Edition
(Over 7,600,000 readers worldwide)

Seni ’08 – The Greated Combat Show on Earth

(Photo of Seni Eskrima Open Championship 2008 featured)

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Medway Standard
17 June 2008

Stickfighters taking on the world

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S Magazine
Europe Edition

Seni Eskrima Open Championship 2008

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One Philippines News Magazine
UK Edition
February 2008

Doce Pares invites participants to the WEKAF Open Invitational Tournament
by Tess Lazaro (Philippine Embassy)

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Filipino Observer
January-February 2008

Cheers! Barrio Fiesta sa Hounslow ’07

DG Doce Pares attended the Barrio Fiesta 2007 and showcased to the Filipino community what Filipino Martial Arts is about!

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Filipino Observer
January-February 2008

Doce Pares invites participants to the WEKAF Open Invitational Tournament
by Tess Lazaro (Philippine Embassy)

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Filipino Observer
January-February 2008

Second Generation Filipinos organise for a better representation

Doce Pares supports the initiative of the Second Generation Filipinos!

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November 2007 – Here’s something we just came across on – from The Gentlemen’s Ale Sampling Society website


Medway Messenger
Friday, 22 June 2007

Now that’s what you call sticking it to the man!

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ESPECIALLY when you’ve just won three gold medals in a European Championship like Walderslade Ermar Alexander.

The 30-year old is a 5th dan black belt at stickfighting, which originated in the Philippines and which he only started practising eight years ago.

Since then Ermar, the son of a Filipino mother, has won two world titles, is three-time unbeaten low armour champ and current British open champion at knife fighting.

He’s now started running his own classes at Fitness First in Walderslade. Five students are put through their paces on Friday nights (7pm to 9pm), while he has started other classes at Shepherds Bush, Covent Garden and East London.

He describes his form of stickfighting – Eskrima Kali Arnis – as a martial art like kendo in that competitors wear headgear and body armour.

His golds, in Italy, came in the Under-75kg catgegory single stick, double stick and akea (Italian points system) categories and he said afterwards: “This form of stickfighting takes me to the edge and I like to be challenged both mentally and physically.”

He defends his world title in the Philippines next year. That’s when he can be called the best.


Medway Messenger
Friday, 9 March 2007

Master shows his skills
by Luke Cawdell

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Grand master Danny Guba gave a demonstration of the Doce Pares multi-style martial arts system in Chatham on Saturday.

Guba, a 10th degree black belt, performed his moves at the Fitness First Centre in Snodhurst Bottom with forms including stick, knife, sword and empty hand.

The martial art originates in the Philippines and appeals to those looking to improve their self-defense, fitness and competition.

Instructor Ermar Alexander will be holding the inaugural class at the Fitness First Centre tomorrow (Saturday) from 6pm and the first session is free.

Alexander said: “We had about 15 people come to watch the display and they enjoyed it and will be coming back for lessons.”

“They joined in and were taught the basics. Quite a range of people attended, including couples as it appeals to women as well.”